emergency tree removal Austin

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Professional arborists can help you with emergency tree removal, which includes a tree at risk of falling or a tree near power lines. Sometimes these emergencies arise because of storm damage and it is necessary to remove a fallen tree, remove damaged limbs and remove damaged branches.Austin Emergency Tree Removal

Hire an Expert with the Right Equipment

Our trained emergency tree professionals can provide timely services. Equipped with special vehicles with cranes and other specialized equipment, they can provide the help you need when you need it. Our specialists are knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable. Call us now at 512-401-8733.

Same Day Service Available

We can help you when you need same day Austin emergency tree service for any reason. For instance, you may need a tree removed as soon as possible because you need to respond to a citation from the city, you need a branch trimmed because your insurance company has asked you for a rapid response, or you need a tree removed because of a planned construction.

Warning Signs of a Falling Tree

Naturally, you don’t need to wait for the tree to fall before you call us.

Often it’s best to call us when you see the following warning signs:

  • Tree branches have touched electric wires.
  • Dead limbs high on a tree could fall on someone walking below them.
  • Cracked branches might cause other parts of the tree to break.
  • Hollowed trunks might indicate fungal infection.
  • Peeling barks might suggest an insect infestation.
  • Uprooted trees are leaning dangerously against other trees.
  • An unhealthy root system with exposed roots has broken the soil surface, increasing the risk of the tree falling.

Sometimes it is not easy to spot warning signs, but our certified arborists can help you to identify potential tree hazards and offer you the best solutions.

24-Hour Tree Removal Services

Unpredictable weather, like high winds or lightning storms, can create problems that need to be handled right away. For instance, if a tree falls across the road or on a building, the problem will need immediate attention. Our emergency tree experts are on call 24-hours a day to help you.

Free Tree Removal Estimates Available

If you’re not sure how to cope with a tree emergency or require a tree service quote, Best Tree Care will be more than happy to survey the situation and give you a free estimate.