Best Care Tree Services helps home owners and property managers improve the value of their property by professionally tending to their trees.

Our ISA Certified Arborist can help you with a variety of services like roof clearance, lot clearing, construction damage, storm damage, tree trimming and removal, ball moss and mistletoe removal and fertilization.

Roof Clearance and Lot Clearing

Austin Tree Services

Trees growing close to a building can cause a variety of problems, ranging from structural damage to insect and rodent infestation.

This can range from removing selective underbrush to removing specific trees. Additionally, the total lot area can be cleared.

Construction and Storm Damage

Trees that show insect infestation, disease, yellow leaves, tiny leaves, thinning tops or dropping leaves are liable to be suffering from construction damage, and this stress can show in a few months or a few years.

Trees with broken limbs are susceptible to rotting or becoming hollow. It is important to remove fallen trees or remove broken branches if there is storm damage.

Tree Trimming

Pruning is beneficial if it is based on the physiology of a tree because it will then work in harmony with the trees natural pattern of growth.

Remove Unwanted or Fallen Trees

Removing a tree requires the use of trained people, the right equipment and the proper insurance if the job is to be done safely.

Rid Your Trees of Suffocating Ball Moss and Parasitic Mistletoe

Ball moss is an epiphyte that grows on the bark of many popular trees native to Texas like Tallow, Post Oak, Live Oak, Hackberry and Cedar Elm. Ball Moss suffocates your tree and deprives it of sunlight, thus jeopardizing the long term health of your trees. Fungal over growth generally first kills small branches before attacking larger limbs.

Maintain the Health of Your Trees Year Round with Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilizing is much more than simply spreading fertilizer around the tree roots. Numerous factors like the health of the tree, the species of the tree, and the surround area have to be taken into account before finding and applying the right fertilizer.