Our certified arborists have the knowledge, skills, and experience to remove dead trees safely.

Proper tree removal is not easy because you need trained people who have the right equipment. Cedar tree removal, for instance, needs to be done the right way for some reasons.Austin Tree Removal

Additionally, there are legal aspects to tree removal: you may have to be fully insured, and you usually need a tree removal permit.

Attempting to do this work yourself can often be dangerous. The tree can fall the wrong way and injure someone. It can also fall against a building and break windows.

An arborist can also help you make a decision on whether an ailing tree can be saved through tree trimming, fertilization or insecticide spraying.

Learn about the impact the Austin drought is having on the tree around the central Texas area.

When Should a Tree Be Removed?

Tree removal is recommended if you need to remove unwanted trees.

For instance, the tree is in the way of a construction project, or it is too close to a home or building and obstructing the view or risking structural damage to the walls. Sometimes, too, trees need to be removed because there are simply too many trees in a small area, thus creating an overcrowded landscape. This could be problematic if the area is susceptible to brush fires.

Other Reasons to Remove Trees

  • Dead tree removal.
  • The tree has been infected with pecan webworms, aphids, oakleaf caterpillars, or some other insects and it is too late to save the tree.
  • The tree is suffering from fungal problems and may infect other trees nearby.
  • The tree has been improperly pruned, and it now looks unsightly.
  • The tree has a hollow trunk.
  • The tree is leaning dangerously.
  • The tree has been damaged by a storm.
  • The tree is more than half dead, especially the canopy.

With the right people and the right equipment, tree removal can be done quickly, safely and cleanly.

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