Tree Pruning Services Provided By Top Certified Arborists

Pruning trees is one of the most common procedures to maintain healthy trees. Although the trees in a forest grow well without pruning, trees in a landscape need to be pruned because of safety issues. Additionally, a professional tree pruner makes a tree more symmetrical and aesthetic.

Best Tree Care believes that no tree branch should be pruned unless there is a good reason—for instance, the tree has dead branches, crowded limbs rub against each other, or hazards need to be eliminated.

Tree pruning services can be used at any time of the year and most routine tree trimming includes removing insect- or fungal infested limbs and weak or dead branches. Regular maintenance reduces the pruning cost.

Different Types of Tree Pruning

Austin Tree PruningAn ISA certified arborist can use proactive tree pruning to ensure healthy and attractive trees. Pruning services include:

  • Removing weak, crowded, diseased, or dying branches from the arbor crown.
  • Thinning branches to increase air circulation to allow more sunlight to penetrate inside the crown.
  • Pruning lower tree branches to clear space for safety and practical reasons, including providing clearance for walls, roofs, nearby structures, cars and walkways.
  • Making room for utility power lines.

Proper Tree Pruning Requires Knowledge, Experience and the Right Equipment.

Pruning trees is actually more complicated than it may first appear because it is much more than using a chainsaw and sawing off unsightly branches or limbs, especially for larger trees and commercial projects.

Many municipalities, including Austin may require an ISA professional on-site when cutting trees and special permitting. Before starting a tree pruning project, make sure you are up-to-date on the latest city of Austin ordinances, so you don’t wind up with a fine or worse.

Often pruning requires the work of certified arborist services because pruning depends on assessing how much living tissue can be safely removed from the tree without wounding it.

Tree pruning decisions should not just be based on aesthetic considerations alone, but also you need to take into account the tree species, and its age and size and the current stresses related to the environment.

In addition, tree pruning can be dangerous, especially when it comes to pruning tall or large dense trees. Often, it requires the right power equipment to get the job done properly and safely.

The tree care pruning specialists at Best Tree Care not only have the right tree equipment, but also they have the knowledge and experience to use it safely. Call now at 512-401-8733.