Best Tree Care offers their clients the benefits of working with certified arborists who can provide the best advice on tree health, tree deep root fertilization and root aeration.

Helpful Tree Care Tips & Advice

Austin Tree FertilizationGive your ailing trees what they need. Tree care involves considerations such as:

  • How different species provide different benefits.
  • How to buy and plant a tree.
  • How to select the right trees for your climate and geographical area.
  • How to plant new trees.
  • How to take care of young and mature trees.
  • How to mulch properly.
  • How to prune young trees and mature trees.
  • How topping hurts trees.
  • How insects and disease damage trees.
  • How trees can be damaged during construction.
  • How to deal with storm-damaged trees.

Improve Your Trees’ Health

Tree health begins from deep in the soil on up. Certified Arbor specialists can advise and diagnose what the optimal soil conditions need to be, identify insect or disease problems and how to keep your tree landscape beautiful.

Professional Tree Fertilization

Trees, like other living things, need the right mix of macro-nutrients to stay healthy.

Specifically, trees need the following macro-nutrients:

  • Nitrogen (N).
  • Phosphorus (P).
  • Potassium (K).
  • Calcium (Ca).
  • Magnesium (Mg).
  • Sulfur (S).

They also need the following micro-nutrients:

  • Iron (Fe).
  • Manganese (Mn).
  • Zinc (Zn).
  • Copper (Cu).
  • Boron (B).
  • Chlorine (Cl).
  • Molybdenum (Mo).

By having an expert evaluate the soil composition before applying fertilization, it ensures that trees get the right amount of each nutrient. A deficiency in iron, for instance, causes a condition called iron chlorosis in which leaves yellow between veins.

Deep Root Fertilization

There are various methods to provide deep root fertilization. For instance, an expensive spray rig can nourish roots with the Liquid Injection Method. However, this depends on the availability of water. If compaction is an issue, the Drill Hole Method should be used. There is also a specialized hybrid method called Soilbuilding (the trademark name) to fertilize deep roots. If you would like Best Tree Care to evaluate and fertilize your trees, then request a quote today.