Following a major Central Texas storm, our emergency storm services can directly assist you with in addressing downed limbs, broken branches and fallen trees.Save 15% off emergency tree removal

Work usually includes removing a storm damaged tree at risk of falling onto a house, building or structure or onto powerlines. In the event of storm damage, our arborists are on call 24/7. Call right now at 512-401-8733.

Our storm damage tree service includes:

  • Trimming and if need full removal.
  • Lot Clearing and removing fallen trees and debris
  • Professional cutting with the right equipment and hauling services, or
  • Any other kind of storm damage tree services that you might need.

After a site evaluation and assessment, our certified specialists can safely and safely clear out storm damaged trees, branches or limbs. Our arborists can be out on your property to help you immediately. Call now 512-401-8733.

Typical Problems That Arise During Inclement Texas Weather

During adverse weather conditions, mature trees or drought stressed trees can take the brunt of the bad weather. They generally can get blown down, have their crowns twisted, or are even susceptible to lightning strikes.

High winds can blow down trees and large tree branches. There is little you can do to protect your property other than keeping your trees healthy with proper fertilization and appropriate watering during the year.

The trees most vulnerable to strong winds are usually ones that have been poorly maintained, those that have had insect infestation, or those that have been weakened by some form of tree disease like fungi or other parasites. Since they have weak structures, unhealthy trees are not resilient enough to survive gale force winds.

However, it’s not just the tree’s structurally that are damaged by storms. Crowns, too, are vulnerable, and strong winds can break branches and twigs. Again, crowns which are most vulnerable are those that have not been properly looked after during the course of the year. Poorly managed trees tend to have lopsided crowns and suffer when there are high winds. Prevention consists of pruning branches so that crowns are fairly symmetrical.

Finally, during a storm, trees may be faced with lightning strikes. These can be particularly dangerous if the trees are near building and in these cases the best solution maybe total tree removal.