Since 1991, Austin Best Tree Care has diagnosed and treated numerous Oak Wilt problems and saved innumerable Oak trees throughout the area. We have directly assisted the City of Austin & Texas State Forrest Service to help suppress Oak Wilt.

Oak wilt should not be taken lightly. In fact, it is ranked as one of the worst tree diseases in the United States. Caused by a fungus called Ceratocystis fagacearum, the disease can spread epidemically because it is highly infectious. It kills trees because it invades the water-bearing systems in trees susceptible to it.

Austin Oak Wilt TreatmentThe Most Susceptible Types Oak Trees to the Fungus

Although all oak trees are susceptible to this fungus, some oak varieties are more vulnerable than others.

The oak trees most susceptible include:

  • Spanish oak.
  • Texas red oak.
  • Shumard oak
  • Blackjack oak.

What Happens To Trees Infected With Oak Wilt?

Here are the patterns affecting tree mortality:

  • Most trees first defoliate, and then die within one to six months.
  • Red oaks are the most vulnerable and seldom live out the month after infection. In summer infected red oaks have autumn colored leaves.
  • Sturdier trees don’t die, but live on in a state of decline.
  • Sometimes a few oak trees escape infection altogether–although the reasons for their hardiness have not been fully identified.

Oak Wilt Analysis

There are four ways to identify if a tree is on the decline due to Oak Wilt:

  • Leaf symptoms.
  • Tree mortality patterns.
  • Fungal mats.
  • Laboratory tests.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Certified Arborists from Best Tree Care can assist with Oak Wilt treatment. We are fully qualified and widely experienced in providing the best advice on removing the Oak Wilt fungus. Disease control methods include tree pruning during the right season and sterilizing tree care equipment to prevent an epidemic.