House owners and property managers frequently use disease control methods to try to get rid of ball moss, but the best way to do it is to call in a Certified Arborist, who will have the information, abilities and equipment to effectively resolve the difficulty.

What is Ball Moss and Why it Needs To Go?

Austin Ball Moss RemovalBall Moss is an epiphyte that grows on trees. Unlike a parasite, nevertheless, ball moss doesn’t absorb nutriments from trees. Although it has roots, these are commonly referred to as fake roots, because they don’t absorb nutriments and water. Instead, nourishment is soaked up straight from the air.

Ball Moss spreads by seeds that blow in the wind and in Austin Texas it is not unusual on oak trees. The moss prospers in low light, small air movement, and heavy humidity, conditions customarily found in the heavily shaded cover of trees.

Although ball moss does not ostensibly kill trees because it is not sapping water and nutrients from them, it adheres to low tree branches and divests them of essential sunlight. This may result in dying branches. In essence, then, while the ball moss does not immediately kill the trees, it stresses the ability of branches to photosynthesize.

Ball Moss Removal Methods

Ball moss can be removed by hand or by employing a hi-pressure water spray. Since manual removal is dreary and time-intensive, it is not regularly the best method. Another methodology of ball moss removal is through utilizing a special fungicide.

How a Certified Arborist Can Help?

A Certified Arborist has received certifications that build him or her as a professional arborist. A person must have at least 3 years full time experience taking care of trees and have passed examinations on the many facets of Arboriculture. It’s a lot more than just tree pruning.

A pro will be in a position to identify if you have ball moss and devise the best methods to help to get rid of it. Call the arborists at Best Tree Care to remove ball moss.