Trees and Electrical Utility-Wire Hazards

tree on power line dangerous situation
Fallen Tree on Power Line

While attractive and environmentally friendly, trees can sometimes present a problem for the owner. One of the most serious problems can involve beautiful shades growing near utility conduits. This can create a hazardous environment both for the owner and for other members of the community, making it vital that these trees be safely removed.

According to most energy companies we researched, trees that fall on or contact electric wires are the leading cause of outages. In addition to the inconvenience of a loss of electricity, downed lines that are entangled with a fallen tree can present a deadly hazard for bystanders.

Danger for Young & Old Alike

Not only can adults and curious children face the danger of electrocution from coming in contact with wiring or other electrified objects, sparks and shorts can result in devastating fires, endangering houses and residents alike. Especially at night, downed high-voltage wires may not be immediately apparent, adding to the danger posed to pedestrians and emergency personnel.

Using Professional Arborist Removal Services

While at first glance it may seem more convenient and inexpensive for the homeowner to handle the process of broken limb removal, this is extremely unwise. Elms & Oaks near to high energy sources can easily contact one another, and an unskilled individual may accidentally contact the conduit, whether personally or with tools, ladders or equipment.

Shocking truth About Power-lines

The danger of contacting these cannot be over-stressed. Even a momentary contact can result in death or severe injury. In addition, should the attempt at removing the towering green hazard result in damage to a neighbor’s property or injury to a third party, the homeowner may find him or herself liable for any damages. Finally, in many cases the local energy company may have regulations restricting who is allowed to work on trees that are in proximity to the electrical source.

Because of these factors, it is wisest to find a licensed and insured arborist to resolve the problem. When in doubt, homeowners should call their local energy provider, which may have a list of shrub and timber removal services that are skilled in handling broken limb removals near high-voltage sources. In some cases, the utility may handle removing the topiary itself, especially if the massive wood wonder is growing close enough the cables to interfere with maintenance workers.

Professionally Trained Arborists: A Must

Regardless of the size or type of problem, removing a tree in proximity to a electrical lines is a job that should always be handled by a professional arbor service and company. In this way, the duty can be left to workers who are properly equipped and trained to deal with the complexities of safely removing the tree. For the homeowner, this is the economical and safe alternative to either leaving the tree in place or attempting to remove it himself.

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Trees Near Power Lines: Combination that Demands Professional Arborist