Prompt Care Could Save A Mature OakStorm Damaged Tree

The beauty of a mature live oak or bald cypress can’t be beaten. Large and healthy trees provide shade and improve the overall value of your property. They may grow just fine on their own for decades, but eventually a storm or other problem could cause extensive damage to its structure. It’s vital to provide proper first aid to the evergreen and to call a professional arbor care service promptly to handle the issue before disease and rot can set in.

Preventive Arbor Services

The most beneficial care for a mature canopies is often preventative tree trimming and pruning. Hiring a certified arborist to check them once a year is the best way to keep them from crashing down during high winds, according to the Portland Tribune ( A well-trained expert will remove weak and rotten branches that are likely to fall during periods of high wind. They can also carefully train the growth to build strong limbs that resist damage in the toughest conditions.

Full Felling & Removal

If a trunk has split open or more than 50% of the crown is damaged, cutting  it down may be the best option, says the News Leader ( Stress from other environmental issues, such as compacted soil or drought, makes it especially hard for a oak or bald cypress to recover after radical damage. When an annual inspection detects serious disease in a large specimens, it should be removed before windstorms can cause it to fall on its own. The unpredictable nature of a falling giant could put your home or family at risk.

Splits and Cracks

When a large limb separates from the trunk due to high winds, a crack opens that allows disease and rot to penetrate the heartwood. This quickly kills even the largest and healthiest. If repaired promptly, it may heal around the break. An arbor care team will trim off any hanging wood and shape the wound so water can’t gather in it and promote serious problems. The dangling limbs must be removed within a few days after the event, if possible, to keep further damage from occurring when it falls and pulls bark off with it.

Uprooted Oaks, Elms or Ash

Mature limbs that tip over in a severe hail or thunderstorm due to saturated soils will need removal and will not recover, according to Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension ( However, small examples, like saplings, can often be repaired and settle in once again. The professionals will loosen the soil around the tipped timber and right it again. Special supports will keep it upright until the roots settle in again to hold it down. It’s worth attempting, especially if you only recently purchased it from a nursery.

Filling In

Your newly pruned shadetree may look a little skimpy, but it’s much healthier and can handle difficult storms better. The News Leader reports that mature specimens can quickly fill in extensive pruning with new growth ( Don’t be tempted to hire a company for topping or other overly damaging pruning practices. Expert tree care professionals will use more reasonable trimming practices to keep out rot and disease. If your shades haven’t been pruned in a few years, still, there is time to keep them in shape. Proper maintenance each year will dramatically reduce the chances of a large limb or entire system from falling on your vehicle or home and leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

How To Handle Storm Damaged Trees