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It is important to take care of the oaks and shrubbery on your property if you `want them to beautifully accent the outside of your home. Even if you are a homeowner who handles your own yard work, some jobs, like trees that must be removed, can be hard to do on your own. If you live in Georgetown, Texas and you need some help with a difficult or time-consuming landscaping task, you need to contact the arbor care specialists at Best Tree Care.

Types Of Assistance We Provide Local Residents and Businesses

Pruning and Sculpting. This can be a difficult and time-consuming task to handle on your own, especially if you have a large number of trees on your property.

Discard or Eliminate Fallen, Dead or Unwanted Growth. This type of job that requires the help of a professional removal expert. At Best Tree Care, we offer prompt, safe removal options.

Georgetown Texas Park - Always Beautiful
The park In Georgetown is beautiful year-round.

Lot Cleanup. If you need help removing unneeded shrubbery, brush, mesquites, oaks, cedars or mulberry’s on your property, BTC offers quick and efficient lot cleanup.

Fertilization Assistance. Sometimes getting saplings to grow properly requires the use of professional equipment and skill. When this is the case, we can help. We have state fertilization equipment that is guaranteed to promote lush, beautiful growth.

Storm or Wind Damage. When trees are damaged by either high winds or storms that are so common here, it is sometimes necessary for that they are repaired or discarded of by certified experts. This is not something that you want to do yourself, especially if you are removing a one from a rooftop, residential or commercial structure or near a power line.

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According to our reviews by satisfied customers, BTC is the company to call when you need help with Oaks, Cedars, Ash, Fruit-bearing, brush or shrubs in the CenTex region. For over 10 years, we have been providing Austin and surrounding areas with skilled, experienced arborists who can get the job done in quickly and in a professional manner. From removal to storm damage trimming, we can help you. We have a licensed, certified ISA arborist at the helm and we are accredited with the BBB. Over the years, we have established a good reputation in the Central Texas community, and we will expertly handle arbor care on your property.