Pecan nut on the treeHow Stable Are Your Trees?

Service continued as usual inside the brewery and barbecue known as Uncle Billy’s in Austin on May 3rd, but the exterior was swarmed by arborists continuing to direct the removal of the huge pecan tree that fell onto the structure. The pecan was quite majestic and ABC KVUE reports that it was more than 350 years old. ( However, it is not believed that the ongoing drought was the cause of the downed tree.

High Central Texas Winds Can Threaten Trees

The early May winds that whipped across Austin seem to have been the culprits behind this fallen tree. The city’s arborist stated that the age and subsequent root structure damage of the pecan also put it at serious risk. ( However, other trees near the restaurant are showing signs of stress due to the lack of moisture and rising heat. These difficult conditions make it hard for even the healthiest specimens to stay intact and healthy.

Some Moisture is Available

While the drought comes and goes throughout the Austin area quite regularly, the neighborhood around the restaurant had received some rainfall in recent weeks. Many neighborhood trees were quite healthy, despite some stressful conditions. Many businesses and residents are sticking to supplemental watering in the hottest days of the summer, but others find their trees survive just fine because they are drought resistant. Picking the right species for your landscaping project can ensure your mature trees don’t fall in the midst of their prime.

Proper Care Reduces the Risks

If you don’t want a large tree or dead limbs coming down on your house, give them a little extra care each year. Call an arborist for an inspection before the heat of the summer sets in. The inspection will help you catch damaged areas that need removal before they can fall on your property. It’s an inexpensive way to protect your home, especially since your home insurance may not cover the damage if you were aware of the problem. Maintaining a landscape requires investments of both time and money. Renovating the home landscape can reduce water requirements and mowing requirements on the days when you don’t want to go out into the sun.

Keeping an eye on your trees is the only way to determine when drought or other issues are threatening them. Waiting too long to invest in proper arborist care will only put you and your property at risk of serious damage. You should also discuss your plans to irrigate your main landscaping trees with a professional to determine that you aren’t over-watering them. The city arborist for Austin warns that excessive watering for species that prefer relatively dry conditions could cause just as much damage as the drought. (

Local Pecan Tree Hits Austin Restaurant, Could The Historic Drought Be To Blame?