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Reasons to Consider Best Tree Care (BTC) As Your Cedar Park Arbor Specialist

North Austin Has Beautiful Treescapes – But Must Be Maintained Professionally

Tree Similar To Heritage Oak Near Austin
Nothing like the Hill Country and Texas Oaks Surrounded By Bluebonnets.

If you are in Austin, Texas and in need of trees serviced in the Cedar Park area, BTC is most definitely the choice for you. Few people know the importance of choosing the right service company to maintain healthy trees. Texas has special needs when it comes to arborists services, especially with such unpredictable weather. Extreme heat, cold, and rain can all impact the landscape and trees differently.

Pruning and Trimming Services

Is your business or home being plagued by branches that are too long, but too high to reach? Perhaps, you are simply looking for a more groomed appearance to your landscaping. Many homeowners and business owners let over-hanging branches grow so long that they become a nuisance, and can even damage property or hurt people. They can easily grow large enough to break off in a strong wind and come crashing down on whatever may be underneath. If you call BTC, we can assist you in pruning overgrown tree limbs before they become a problem. Also, many property owners simply don’t realize how old some of these Live Oaks are.


This 400-year-old majestic live oak tree is decorated with over 30,000 lights each year in December to kick off the holiday season. It stands a lofty fifty-seven foot tall with a spread of eighty feet. Located in the median on Quest Blvd., across from the Scott & White Clinic. Courtesy of

Removing Limbs, Branches and Discarded Foliage

Sometimes, shade limbs can be damaged and hang from high above, in need of removal. Other times, you have already taken care of the removal yourself and just need a reliable business that will remove the dangerous limbs from your yard or property in a timely manner. This is where we can truly help! BTC also specializes in the removal of unwanted limbs.

Choosing a Quality Tree-Care Service

BTC prides itself on being a trustworthy business that will tend to all your arbor needs. All of our contractors are certified and take pride in doing the best work possible for their clients, for a fair price. We are one of the best, most honest businesses in the area, and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau to ensure that all of our clients receive the best customer service that we can offer. BTC can give you expert opinions on taking care of the trees and shrubbery that are on your property.

Contact us today by filling out a quote form on our website or dialing 512-401-8733 to receive an estimate for the services you need.